Welcome to Strategic Contracting

Strategic Contracting is a Woman Owned Business located in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Company has two lines of business with its focus on Federal Government Solutions. Strategic Contracting is a firm that caters to its clients with creativity, open communication and quality. We are open to your questions and look forward to serving you in the near future.

“It’s better to maintain one customer relationship properly then acquire ten new ones!”

Strategic Contracting has obtained and maintains a solid base of small business clients. Our services range from Corporate Set-Up through Procurement and Contract Administration. As every company and business model is different we take the time to get to known your firm prior to offering our services.

We specialize in Marketing Strategies to include Contracting Vehicles such as 8(a) Certification, HUB-Zone Certification, GSA Schedules and Woman Owned Business’s. Our Services extend from growth strategy through execution by fostering Joint Ventures, Direct Marketing Campaigns, Networking, Research and good old fashion shoe leather.

We specialize in firms which have been in business for 2 years or more which have seen there revenues flatten and not experienced their desired growth.

The Company serves clients that provide a range of services, and are located between Washington DC and New York City.

Strategic Contracting “Practices what it Preaches”, by this the company pursues direct contracts as a Prime and Sub-Contractor between Washington DC and New York. The Companies classification as a HUB-Zone and Woman Owned Business allows it access to many types of opportunities within the Federal Government. Enhanced by its “attention to detail” mentality the company has also been afforded opportunities in the Private Sector as well. Positioned as a small general contractor the company pursues Repair and Alteration contracts as well as Punch List Close-Outs.

The company is also pursuing Joint Ventures with its consulting clients and partners within its network that require the company’s services to enhance their project(s).

In keeping with open communication we are located within 7 city blocks of our target market and provide instant email and cell phone lines of communication to our clients.