Success Stories

Strategic Contracting delivers!!

“We had tried so many imposters with false promises and it wasn’t until we partnered with Maria and her team that we realized the success we were looking for. Strategic Contracting is an honest, hardworking and an authentic partner to Arbill.

In 2012, we hired Strategic Contracting to assist in positioning the company as a federal government contractor through acquiring a GSA Schedule contract and continue to use their services ever since. From selecting the appropriate NAICS and SIN codes to handling all necessary paperwork and communication with the government all the way to the final contract negotiation, Maria and her team has not only managed all aspects of the process but delivered the award in most efficient and expeditious way.

Maria and her team are responsive, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated. We continue to rely on them for our government contracting needs, including maintenance of our GSA schedule contract, submitting contract modifications, GSA Advantage catalog updates, as well as assisting with new ways to solidify and expand our position as a federal government contractor.”

Julie Copeland, CEO – Arbill Industries, Inc.

We are so grateful

“Maria Hulitt has been instrumental in helping launch Osprey Health’s presence on the governmental bidding sites. Our agency was eager to bid on opportunities but had no prior knowledge of how to navigate the portals or the bidding. Maria’s expertise gave us the ability to submit proposals on numerous fronts and get exposure with decision makers in many different industries. Maria always made time to meet with myself and my team on a weekly basis and provided us with research and material that was deemed imperative in several of our bids. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Maria and look forward to working with her on other projects this year and beyond. She is a wealth of information and has become an irreplaceable part of this process for us.”

Meg McGinn, President – Osprey Health, LLC

“Maria was a trusted partner and resource in my journey to get woman-owned business certification. The process would have taken months and she led me through the journey easily and navigated me through each app with ease. I’m thankful for her services to help me translate the process. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Brandie Nemchenko, – Founder and CEO of Experience Chiropractic, Clinical Director of Bloom at Experience, and Developer of The Bloom Philosophy

“We consulted with Maria to help create a proposal. Maria’s insight and experience helped to significantly improve the value and professional appearance of our proposal. Even if we do not win the work, because of the tremendous amount of valuable information we gained in the process, we consider the cost to be money well spent. In addition, Maria was very accessible, accommodating to our tight time schedule, and pleasant to work with. Working with Maria has been a great experience!”

Teresa Lanza, President – BI Solutions, Inc.

“We are currently bidding on business that we would have never been able to before because of Maria’s help!”

Anonymous WBE Client

She makes project management seem effortless.

Maria is an amazing partner and an energizing presence in my work. She makes project management seem effortless. She anticipates and resolves problems before they ever manifest. When Maria is working with you, it feels like you are the most important person in her world and that no idea is impossible. There is no one better to partner with on any project!

Patrick Andrews, Division Chief of Markets at Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

“Maria has been invaluable to work with on learning the process of Government bids and opportunities. She has been knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with throughout our time collaborating with her.

Maria was able to help our company focus on where we may have the best success and which opportunities may not be the best fit. It has been a great help and time saver.

Lastly, Maria is very personable and although we’ve lived in a “zoom world” she has shown her warmth through the screen.”

Christine Schwartz, Senior Account Manager – Osprey Health, LLC